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Donald Trump’s Manhattan Penthouse Is All Gold And Marble

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Donald Trump’s first ever mansion was recently put on market yet again after it was sold by his ex-wife who got it in divorce with the man. But here is one of the presidential candidate’s present luxurious abodes in Manhattan.

Donald Trump Manhattan penthouse interior

Decorated in 24K gold and marble by Angelo Donghia, the interior of this home that allows vertiginous views of the city from its huge windows is styled fully in fashion circa Louis XIV with intricate furniture, Roman marble columns, and ceiling fresco.

The house has an office and a siting room, a breakfast room and a giant living room with two sofas and a coffee table made of gold and glass. The gilded molding decorates all of the rooms echoing in the intricate luxury furniture and even artwork frames.

The penthouse’s opulence makes for an impressive look but would you be able to live there?

Donald Trump’s Manhattan Penthouse

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