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Home Gardening: Score+Solder Stylish Planters & Terrariums

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These stylish planters and terrariums are great for home gardening. They in shapes of quartz and diamond, cube, geodesic, as well as in standing and hanging versions. Designer Matthew Cleland of Score+Solder has handcrafted these planters and terrariums from glass and black metal frame.

Home Gardening: Score+Solder Stylish Planters & Terrariums

Handmade glass and lead free soldered terrarium. Made to order. Terrarium comes with quartz, rocks, activated charcoal and soil for the moss or succulents. Plants not included.

Score+Solder geometric planters and terrariums can function as a table or a hanging decoration. They are also a creative alternative to conventional planters and pots. Terrariums allow creating a little home garden in an enclosed space inside the terrarium and proudly put it on display.

Inside the enclosed terrarium or planter the plants are safe from the mechanical damage and look like precious little green islands inside the urban living space.

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