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Tips On Shoe Organizing

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There are plenty of ways to organize shoes. They can be stored in closets, shelves, racks and other shoe storage systems. In order to organize a shoe collection choose a storage system that would fit into the closet or hall. There is stackable shelving, wall-mounted shoe racks, shelves, cabinets and storage boxes.

Tips On Shoe Organizing

Choosing Type of Storage

It all depends on the size of your shoe collection. Some storage systems are compact and are just right for tight small-spaced halls. Wall-mounted shoe racks are this kind of storage. If the collection is expansive it’s better to choose shoe shelves like in closets and closet organizers or store it together with the wardrobe.

Choosing Location

Some shoe storage systems occupy precious floor space but there are many others that were specifically designed for small-spaced homes. The shoes can be stored on the walls, closet or room doors, under the bed, in a closet or a hall. You can also choose several locations if needed. The one should be more spacious to contain the shoe collection while the other should be easily accessible.

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