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Smartsquare Modular Shelving by Pietro Russomanno

Storage is a big issue in home decorating but with new and new designs and solutions storage becomes not only easier but also more decorative and creative. Pietro Russomanno's Smartsquare modular shelving is one of those designs.

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Smartsquare is a modular shelving system designed by Pietro Russomanno. Smartsquare shelving consists of modules that can be arranged and grouped into various shapes to suit your style and decor. The modules are made of plywood and feature no screws or fixes and can be easily assembled and pulled apart.

Modular Smartsquare Shelving by Pietro Russomanno

Pietro Russomanno’s Smartsquare modular shelving is not only functional but it also allows the owner to get creative and change the shelving design every time the room needs a makeover. Due to its screw-and-fix-free design Smartsquare can be easily assembled and disassembled in plenty of various shapes possible.

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