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How To Choose Energy Efficient Home Appliances

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So now that we’ve talked about green interior design, decor, remodeling and practices, it’s time to think about how to choose efficient appliances that we use everyday. There are quite a few things to consider when buying new appliances for your green home.

Guide On Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Energy Star

You probably heard about Energy Star products that are more effecient than regular products without an Energy Star label. Energy Star, a governement supported agency that helps manufacturers provide more efficient products, is there to help not only save energy but also money for both businesses and individuals.


Make sure you buy what you need when shopping for appliances. You may even question the need for some of them like a dishwasher, which is designed to wash sets and sets of dishes for the whole family. The same goes for washing machines and dryers, air conditioners and heaters. A certain appliance must meet your needs in terms of capacity and size, so that you pay for power you actually use.


When shopping for water heaters, fireplaces and other such appliances think of buying the ones that use natural gas as fuel instead of electrical power, since the former is more efficient. It requires additional care and attention in use though.


Investing in an efficient home tech might be costly at first, but if these are quality products they will save your money in future as you pay your power bills.

It’s always a great idea to properly maintain your household appliances as you don’t want to splash on yet another washer and have the one that doesn’t work to dispose of around the house. Also consider buying second-hand appliances. It may be a tricky business, but you can surely save not only money, but also help ‘recycle’ the tech.

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