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Features of Modern Eco-Houses

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Nowadays architects from all around the world pay more attention to the development of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving buildings to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and conserve power.

Basic Features of Green Building Construction

East Sussex in Heathfield

East Sussex in Heathfield, UK

According to statistics, all of the world’s buildings consume about 40% of global primary energy, 67% of electricity, 40% of raw materials, and about 14% of the total drinking water supplies. At the same time, they produce about 35% of global carbon dioxide emissions and about 50% of municipal solid waste. Such statistics made engineers and architects think about improving building techniques, which resulted in “green building”.

The main objectives of green building are:

– Reduction of the total negative impact of construction on the environment and human health;
– Development of new technologies and the creation of modern industrial products;
– Reduction of energy consumption, and therefore, reduction of loads on the mains;
– A comprehensive cost reduction for the construction and maintenance of buildings.

This direction is developing very actively. Ecological houses and even skyscrapers are built worldwide. The definition of green building describes not just a certain type of building or use a certain set of architectural techniques in its construction, however. This concept implies a complex system of specially developed principles, on which construction, and operation of buildings are based.

Basic principles of green construction:

“Savings and energy efficiency” means the rational use of resources (land, energy, building materials);
“Comfort” means ensuring an adequate level of convenience for people who will be living or working in these buildings;
“Environmentally-friendly” means minimum level of adverse effects on the environment and human health.

The most common green technologies

Veljko Milkovic's Self-Heating Ecological House concept

Veljko Milkovic’s Self-Heating Ecological House concept in Novi Sad, Serbia

Energy-saving technologies

One of the basic principles of sustainable construction is energy efficiency. That is why much attention is paid to the development of technologies that would allow to minimize energy losses during operation of buildings.

The use of solar energy

A green building uses not only advanced energy-saving technology but also alternative sources of electricity. The sun is a huge generator that produces huge amounts of energy. Almost half of all solar radiation is a component of the heat infrared rays. The accumulation of this radiation is the basis of all solar panels. Availability of this type of energy causes its active use in the construction of green homes.

Rainwater harvesting

One of the central points in green building is also occupied by technology of the efficient management of water resources. Each green building has a system for collecting and storing rainwater.

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