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How To Choose Alternative Sources of Energy for Home. Part 2

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Well, now you know the main kinds of alternative energy sources. What’s next?

We already talked about different kinds of alternative energy sources here.

Part 2 of 2. On What You Need to Pay Attention to?

Alternative Energy System for Home

Alternative Sources of Energy: Wind and Solar

Depending on the model and manufacturer different power sources produce from hundreds of watts to tens of kilowatts.

The size and the cost of devices that are converting solar and motion energy into electrical one are directly dependent on the load (power consumption). Therefore, it will be more economical and expedient to abandon the heating appliances and other items that consume large amounts of energy. Devices that consume lots of energy (fireplaces, heaters, etc.) need more power than, for example, cooking appliances. This fact may lead to high energy consumptions in winter (to 80% of the total electricity consumption). In the warm seasons same equipment will operate only in a half of its strength.

The best option for heating and hot water are probably the solar collectors. Their price is lower than the cost of wind turbines and solar panels. A solar collector consists of a (more or less) 1,5 x1,9 meter storage tank of 150 liters. In such collectors the heating temperature may reach 95 degrees, at ambient temperature to -45 degrees. For large houses you can install multiple tanks.

Alternative sources of energy

Solar energy

This kind of system allows you to save energy costs since it makes possible not to take actions for the conversion of solar energy into the thermal energy but you immediately obtain the heat energy. This improves efficiency.

To choose the right equipment for your particular living space that will supply electricity to entire house and heating system, you need to calculate the consumption of electricity. For example, a TV and a computer consume about 1,000 watts per day, refrigerator – 1800 watts, water pump – 200 watts and energy-saving lamp – 560 watts. By counting the total amount of power you can calculate the required number of solar modules or wind power generators.

While using this kind of systems it is better to use gel batteries with a specific energy source (wind or solar cells) as storage. But the optimal result can be achieved with the combined system. In that case they will complement each other. For example, in the summer, when there is almost no wind and a lot of light you can use solar system. And at the night shift you can use wind power sources.

Most kits for autonomous clean energy contain converters, inverters and charge controllers; battery configured for 220 volts and the semiconductor modules generate a voltage of 12 or 24 volts.

Alternative sources of energy

House with Wind and Solar Energy Systems

Selection of inverter and other components in many cases have to be made separately according to the specification and structure of your system.

Usually sellers offer to calculate the largest amount of the energy that can be consumed and multiply this value by the unexpected flow of 30 – 40 % of energy. But you have to keep in mind that it will lead to spending more money on equipment and its installation.

Alternative sources of energy

Wind energy

Energy storage, in other words the battery, plays a very important role. If the system was designed and installed correctly, a system with approximately 5 kW power consumption per day and 150 kW per month, will be enough to have a small windmill that outputs 500 watts of power and modules that are powered by electricity 170 watts each.

Manufacturers say that this kind of equipment that produces clean energy lives about 10 to 15 years, but it can be doubled by careful and proper usage. For such a long period of time the costs of installation and purchase will surely pay off.

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