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Color Scheme For Kid’s Room

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Blue and pink are often used to decorate nurseries while kid’s rooms are commonly bright and colorful. There are many criteria to choosing a color scheme for kid’s room. Is there a theme or do kid’s prefer a certain color. Some researchers say there is a link between the color and our mood but we see kid’s room in every possible colorways.

Best Kid’s Room Color Schemes

Colorful kid's room

Colorful kid’s room

Initially blue and pink are meant to differentiate the gender of kids but gender-neutral color schemes are so interesting there is no need to limit yourself with colors for boys or girls.


Pastels are great for nurseries. They mix well with neutrals as well as brights. These can be accented with brighter variations of the main color or contrasting hues.


Brights are often seen in kid’s rooms and it makes sense. Bright hues are energizing and kid’s like colorful schemes. They are also great if you’re decorating a room in a certain theme.


Choose neutrals if you have a separate playroom, which bursts with colors. This will make the kids differentiate between the play and study as well as sleep. Since brights can be too engaging or sometimes even irritating having a neutral room where a kid will study and sleep is a good idea.

Color can be used to demarcate the play and study area. Choose more neutral colors for areas that aren’t meant for play. The sleeping area can benefit from blues as it’s said to be the most calming color of all.

Opt out of too dark color schemes when decorating a kid’s room. The best part of decorating it is to play with all the different bright colors like sunny yellow, sea blue, bright pink, and grass green.

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