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How to Go Green in Your Home

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If you wonder how to go green in your home here are some useful tips that will help you with that. There are some simple tactics you can use in order to go green as well as save money. If you are concerned with the impact of human life on the environment it is now time to take the initiative and do something you can do.

How to Go Green in Your Home

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Plastic and paper bags are disposable so it is better to use reusable bags when shopping. Also divide garbage by type – plastic, paper, and glass. It will be easier to recycle it. Recycled furniture and home accessories are also a way of going green. Just go through all the stored discarded stuff in your attic or garage and you might find something useful and recyclable. Some paint, glue, and a little fantasy will help you create something completely new and unique out of it.

Save power. Heat leaks make you turn your heater on its fullest. Instead think home insulation. It might be pricey but with time you’ll see it was worth it as your power bills get lower and your home gets warmer. Same with air conditioning. Turn off the lights when you are out of room. Do not keep your TV or computer on when you are not using them.

New Compact fluorescent light (CFL) and LED bulbs use less energy than the standard light bulbs. They also have a tendency to serve longer.

Set your washing machine to a cold or cool water cycle and reduce CO2 emissions as most of the energy the machine washer uses is for heating water. Using detergents that work in cold water you can easily save power and money. Of course, when you face complex stains that need hot water then it’s reasonable to wash it in hot water. Don’t use dryer as it consumes much energy. Instead let your clothes air dry as the fresh air and sun kill bacteria built in fabric.

Save water. Check all your faucets and pipes for any leakage and repair them as soon as possible. Keep the water running only when you really need it. Think about changing your old toilet cistern as it uses around three and a half gallons of water per flush while the new cisterns use less than two.

Use dish-washing machine instead of hand-washing the dishes but remember to use it to its fullest. It uses less water and power than you do when you hand-wash the dishes. Just remove the food remains from the plate before loading the machine and buy the machine with the capacity according to the size of your family.

And last, but not least save on gasoline. Using the car only for long rides and at 55 miles speed you will save on gasoline and reduce emissions. Avoid fast starts and breaks, walk the distances that are too short for a car or use bicycle as it is good not only for environment but for your health and appearance.

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