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Home Appliances for Eco-Friendly Houses

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One of the hallmarks of home appliances for Green buildings, is the presence of “energy-saving products” marking. Energy-saving techniques should combine the following factors: energy saving, eco-friendly production, exploitation and recycling.

Modern Household Appliances for Eco-Friendly Houses

Induction Hob

Induction Hob

The most “energy-saving” devices are home appliances with energy efficiency classes A, A + or A + +. Such home appliances use 2 times less energy than the ordinary ones. Manufacturers are now trying to minimize the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of devices.


Refrigerator is used constantly and consumes large amounts of energy. The most environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigerators are considered those, which have ordinary water in the cooling system instead of harmful freon, as well as linear models with inverter compressors.

Eco-friendly refrigerator

Eco-friendly refrigerator


Gas, electric or induction stoves, unfortunately, do not have high environmental performance. However, induction hobs are leading in terms of energy-saving efficiency. These are the ones that should be selected for green houses.

Vacuum cleaner

Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with a host of features. The important properties for green houses are the following: the ability to compress dust, detection of the cleaned parts of the premises (repeated cleaning is automatically excluded), setting the parameters for different surfaces, the battery pack, etc.

Computers and TVs

Give preference is modern, environmentally friendly models with the “green marking”. In addition to energy efficiency of such devices their environmental performance are also very important: minimizing the use of harmful substances, simplifying the utilization process.

Washing machine

Main characteristics of environmentally friendly models:

-protection against electromagnetic radiation

– system of detergent utilization rate reduction

– low heat and noise emission

– compactness and ergonomics.

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