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Eco-Benches In Interior Design

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Eco-friendly Benches are becoming very popular sight in interior design. They can come in various forms, textures, colors, but all of them are environment friendly and ecologically sound. Check out these amazing eco-bench designs.


Environment Friendly Bench Designs:

Eco-friendly furniture is designed with respect to all nature efforts to keep us good. The main aspects of designing the eco-friendly interiors are in recycling, repurposing and minimizing the harm to nature. Steven Ma has created a highly stylish and futuristic bench design that can not only become a focal point in your decor, but is also ecologically sound. The bench is structured by fully recycled material: aluminum. It has also greenery adjoined to its frames. Surprisingly it can also generate electricity.

Another eco-friendly bench design is created by Hakan Gursu from DesignNobis. It has metal back and wood strap recycled bench, and as said in the prospect is absolutely environmentally sound. It looks rather simple, and adds rough and rustic look to the interior, adding a bit of contemporary style to it. The awesome part is that it can be easily deconstructed for transportation or relocation.

The Wave Bench is another eco-bench design that is fully organic and eco-friendly is reminiscent of the ocean waves. It can be used in interior and exterior designs. The wave bench is made by David Stine, from black walnut which grew in his family house in Illinois. An amazing installment into ecologically sound furniture designs.

Check out other amazing eco-bench designs:

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