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3 Creative Ways To Hide Washing Machine In Bathroom

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So here you are, trying to recreate that lush spa feel in your own bathroom when a sight of a washine machine or dryer takes you out of your dreamy state and straight back into harsh reality. Hiding a washing machine from sight can help to both keep your bathroom elegant and keep the dream alive at least temporarily.

Creative Ways To Hide Washing Machine

Lattice Work

Resort bathroom

What can be more decorative than beautiful lattice doors custom-made to fit your vanity and take all the tech out of sight. This concrete bathroom’s wooden accents make it look like a remote tropical resort and what looks like a wall cabinet door gives it additional style points.

Lantern lamps and weaved rug are just on point with the rest of the decor while a fancy laundry basket doesn’t ruin the overall look.

Bathroom machine closet

Bathroom closet just makes so much sense. If you have enough space for it but have no other option than to keep the machines inside the bathroom, go for it and you can store all the cleaning supplies right there as well. Every time you want to lay back and relax just shut the doors together with the rest of the world.

If you just love minimalism a bathroom closet can help you organize bathroom storage without all the floating shelves, looming cabinets, and other clutter-prone furniture.

White bathroom

You can always go with the easiest thing and hang curtains to hide your tech, cleaning supplies, and whatnot. Make sure to choose the fabric that will fit in with your interior design and color scheme so that it wouldn’t ruin your serene atmosphere.



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