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Beautiful Victorian Barn Conversion

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This 1840′s Victorian barn was converted into a beautiful home by Stedman Blower Architects. The barn features vaulted ceilings with unfinished wooden beams that contrast with the clean modern design. The white walls make for lighta and airy atmosphere as do the light wooden floors.

Beautiful Victorian Barn Conversion

The barn was given a makeover adding a bridge and a staircase from the second floor that leads directly to the living area and frames the dining set. The floor-to-ceiling windows and entry bring plenty of light to the spacious building and add a modern touch to the architecture.

The kitchen features a lower ceiling but also finished with wooden beams. There is an eating area in the kitchen adding a rustic touch to the room. The kitchen that features exposed brick elements and a framed floor-to-ceiling window.

Beautiful Victorian Barn Conversion

While the living area desing is neutral enhanced with just a dark plum sofa, the kitchen is more busy featuring different finishes that include unfinished wood, exposed brick, polished wood cabinets, and stone floor tiles.

The bedroom is located on the second floor and also features a vaulted ceiling and clean white color scheme.

The house is an amazing spacious home with minimalistic decor. The main accents are in its architecture. The wooden beams add rustic charm to it while the bridge and a curved staircase give it a more modern look.

The walls are decorated with framed pictures while the lighting is simple or built in which creates a nice ambient glow.

The exterior is traditional surrounded with green lawns and privacy shrubs which makes for a very warm looks.

Victorian Barn Conversion

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