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Open Layout Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture

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Eagle Ridge residence was designed by Gary Gladwish Architecture. An open layout residence is located on on Orcas Island, Washington State. The owner required open and simple design that would allow enjoying island sights of madrone trees, rocks and moss surrounding the residence. Hence glazed walls, big sliding doors and little bits of island inside the interior.

Open Layout Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture

Residence open layout area includes kitchen, dining and living zones while the house also has a master suite, storage area, study, and art studio. The house is made with such materials as old barn wood and rusty steel. The interior is modern with painted white walls and wooden furniture.

The house greatly interacts with the outdoors. The interior also features the island bits near the fireplace. A tree, rock and a chunk of land covered with moss look like a little pieces of island enclosed in glass box with transparent ceiling. The views from the outside the glazed walls unite with the enclosed greenery making environment and architecture intertwined.

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