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This Mountain Pad Makes Case For Vertiginous Architecture

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Remember these breathtaking architectural projects? Well, while we thought they were too extreme to be built the Casa Brutale by OPA was announced for construction in Lebanon, on the Faqra mountain outside Beirut. Now this mountain pad in Spain designed by GilBartolomé Architects for a young couple and aptly named The House on the Cliff makes further case for extreme architecture that isn’t temporary or a seasonal attraction for tourists.

House on the Cliff

The house was built inside the slope rather than on top of it and is clad in bespoke zinc scales that resemble the skin of the dragon. The architects wanted a more blurry line between natural and manmade so they went with curvy shapes and unusual facade.

The house features a spacious white interior that can accommodate 70 people. There is a swimming pool and a small balcony for outdoor lounging. But don’t let this photo fool you, the views from it are far more exciting than the narrow road that leads to the house.

What do you think? Do you like the vertiginous architecture?

Bire Bitori restaurant

Another extreme proposal is this Bire Bitori restaurant by Tall Arquitectos, think they’re gonna build it?

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