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Fashion Designer’s Apartment in Columbia

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Every woman, who is not indifferent to handbags, knows the name of Nancy Gonzalez: bulky bags and elegant clutches of the crocodile, python and ostrich, which are always bright and flashy, attract attention on the red carpet no less than their star owners.

Luxury Apartment of Fashion Designer in Columbia

Nancy Gonzalez's apartment in Columbia, dining room

Nancy Gonzalez’s apartment in Columbia, dining room

When talking about Nancy’s home, you are waiting for the same brightness. However, the designer’s apartment located in a town in the foothills of the Andes, does not “scream” with luxury brightness. It is another, soft luxury. Nancy loves intense colors, but prefers to live in a more relaxed atmosphere, without too much visual noise. She is also against excessive formalities and pompous decoration. As she said, coziness in the house is created by grandchildren freely running and playing around.

Six years ago, she decided to create a family nest in her native Colombia, which will be able to convince her son Santiago (he is the president of her company) and daughter Christine, who lives in Miami with her husband and children, to come home more often and stay longer. All the rooms were to be open to all. It is unusual for Colombia, where the traditions of social etiquette are pretty strict.

Having bought an apartment, Gonzalez turned to Jean-Louis Denio: she had been a guest of the designer in Chantilly, and his style has made a lasting impression on her. Denio immediately liked the idea of ​​a free space where the rooms would have flowed into each other. As he says, Nancy is not a fan of doors and walls, she does not like the restrictions.

In his layout facilities merge with each other, almost like in a loft. There are exterior walls and lots of glass sliding doors, so that the main floor apartment combines naturally with the surrounding terrace. To emphasize the lack of boundaries between the house and the street, the terrace and the floor in the apartment are finished with French limestone. The interior seems almost weightless, aided by concise architecture and restrained color palette offered by Jean-Louis.

According to Denio, Nancy is simultaneously a minimalist and a maximalist. She likes when the space is empty and spacious. But she also loves luxury materials and sensual textures. Sometimes Nancy demanded very exotic materials and textures. For example, walls in the home theater are covered with a cloth of horsehair. Crocodile is also present: it covers two ottomans in the living room and it is used for finishing a lift.

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