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Ideas on Using Room under Stairs

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Those who watched a movie about Harry Potter may remember that famous boy lived in a tiny room under a staircase. But there are far more reasonable means to use the free space under your staircase.

Use all Square Meters under Stairs

This becomes especially important if you don’t have that much free room in your house and you really need every square meter.

Cupboard under Stairs

Cupboard under Stairs


There is one thing in your house that will never be big enough. A wardrobe. And…Bingo! You have some free space under your stairs. And it’s just enough to put some of your clothes in there. It is not necessary to build another wall. Just hang some curtains. That’s very easy to do even if you aren’t any good at creating something for household by yourself. Attach hangers to the wall and staircase, or put shelves in there. Extremely easy.

Entrance Hall

If your stairs are situated close to the entrance, it’s only logical to design it as an entrance hall. A mirror, shoe tray and umbrella-stand now gained place in your house.


In every house there is some stuff to be removed at some period of time – equipment for winter or summer kind of sports, season clothing, old boxes, toys. Just everything you definitely are not planning to use for the next couple of months, but you have to store it somewhere. Just add a couple of shelves under the stairs and a storage is ready.


Useful Shelves under Stairs


I have many friends who principally read books printed by classic inks on hardcore real paper and keep them in huge untidy piles or in old boxes from refrigerator. Because they aren’t that lucky to have a magical nook under a staircase. Use your chance, if you are planning to create your own home library.


Now you don’t have to argue with the rest of your family asking them to keep away from the spot where you are working or studying. Because you have this wonderful nook under the stairs. It is perfectly separated from the rest of the house because no one ever needs to go exactly to this place. Just place a screen for even more privacy and spend as much time with your Muse as you need.

Rest Area

Put a comfortable small sofa under the stairs, add a warm blanket and, perhaps, a coffee table. Let your family dine in the dining room, watch TV in the living room and spend some time in peace and silence in a perfect chillout place under the stairs.



Bar has always been such an intimate place for those who have a perfect taste for good whiskey or wine. It doesn’t really fit into a dining room or a living room though. These rooms are too noisy. And you will always be proud to invite friends to a real actual bar without strangers.

Exercise Place

If you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and care about your body, you definitely do sports or exercise. And you also have a lot of sport equipment like trainer, yoga mat, dumbbells and other things. They need their own place in the house because they are basic part of your lifestyle. They don’t require much space and will fit exactly under your stairs.

These are just few ways to use this wonderful nook in your house. In fact, it is absolutely unique and shouldn’t stay empty. I hope the ideas described above will help you decide how to use it wisely.

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