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Russian Hut in Fontainebleau

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Countess Dominique de Rokmorel-Golitsyna has no Russian roots. She had inherited a Russian lodge from her husband. Three generations ago childless Comte de Rokmorel adopted Mark Augustine Golitsyn. And this has become a ground for a double last name and passion for Russia.

Russian Hut Style Country House in French Province

Russian hut in french province, Fontainebleau, a country house of Count and Countess Rokmorel-Golitsyns

Russian hut in Fontainebleau, a country house of Count and Countess Rokmorel-Golitsyns

A Paris apartment of the Count and Countess on Boulevard de Clichy can be declared a branch museum of the Russian history or the flea market of Russian St. Petersburg.

According to Dominique, she brings home all that has Russian track. This is her real passion. Pine lounger in the living room is made ​​by a drawing of the mistress. An old trunk serves as a coffee table. There are two cups made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory that Dominic brought from St. Petersburg.

Several years ago, countess realized that she has almost no place to satisfy her passion so she lit up with a new project.

The hosts have long dreamed of a country house. Family Castle in the Jura mountains is too far and needs serious refurbishing. Three daughters have grown up and are no longer eager to spend the summer with their parents. So they wanted something small, cozy, and of course, with a Russian hint.

The wooden hut started with a pencil sketch. Dominique is a goldsmith by profession. And in order not to lose the skills of drawing, she often copies her favorite paintings. On that day it was Vasnetsov. And when she finished her work, she suddenly realized that she had drawn the house, in which she would like to live.

Tale should be reliable. The only pity is that there are no masters in Paris, who can make a Russian oven. We had to settle for a conventional fireplace,” Dominic says.

Although the fireplace is made by French technology, it is heavily Russified due to its surroundings. Although the Rokmorel-Golitsyns call the hut in the Russian manner “datchá”, they are conscious of how their lifestyle is far from the real current Russia.

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