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Bright House on Curacao Island

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A bright red house of a Dutch architect Carlos Weber is burning like a traffic signal on the background of the sun-scorched land and withered vegetation. It is not impossible to pass by without noticing it. The building interior is even more colorful: yellow-green walls, blue floors, purple fence stairs.

Bright House on Curacao Island by Dutch Architect

House on Curacao island by Carlos Weber

House on Curacao island by Carlos Weber

But such paint is not its only advantage. This place is very sunny and hot. And the archiect needed to build a house that will protect them from the scorching heat. At the same time, he wanted to prove that he live there without air conditioning.

Weber’s house cools itself. It is promoted by wide roof overhangs, a swimming pool which was arranged not outside, but in one of the rooms. Metal shutters on the windows protect from the sun and rain. But there is no glass. As Carlos says, glass windows in such a climate are a crime against common sense. He thinks that it is strange that he was the first who came up with this idea.

Doors are also absent as such: public area is a terrace with numerous exits to the street. Due to them the interior is purged from all sides. Some walls have extra holes for ventilation, too.

Carlos calls his house as an experimental model. As he said, his goal was to build a house of the future, which ideally suited to the conditions of the tropics. At the same time he is working on several projects of mansions and one theater. But they will look completely different. He hates to repeat.

The house is built entirely of concrete. This is an inexpensive and easy-to-work material.

A dining table from Dutch brand Ahrend is surrounded by plastic chairs designed by Philippe Starck. In the background there is a bulthaup kitchen.

The play of light in the living room penetrating into the house through the lattice holes in the walls, compensates the stinginess of the interior decoration. At the wall there is a sofa of 1970s designed by Jan de Bouveret. The floor in the house is made of polished concrete.

A swimming pool, arranged in one of the rooms, is replacing air conditioning. And color scheme creates an illusion of coolness. According to households, such self-deception works perfectly.

The doors in this house exist only in the office of the owner and in the bedrooms. They are made as movable lattice partitions.

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