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Former Concentration Camp To Be Turned Into Luxury Resort

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Somewhere in the Adriatic Sea between Montenegro and Croatia there sits an island of Mamula with an abandoned fort, which was used as a concentration camp during World War II by Benito Mussolini. Now the historic place has been leased for 49 years to a Switzerland-based Orascom Development Holding AGis, which plans to make the fort habitable and add a restaurant, a dining area, and a private beach with a watersports center.

Concentration Camp Island Fort To Become Luxury Resort

Mamula Island fort

The fort occupies 90 percent of the island but there is still space for a rocky beach; this is going to be a true getaway spot with Montenegrin green landscapes providing a breathtaking backdrop and views.

But no matter the views and the beauty of the old building, the fort has a dark history, which makes the project controversial. On the one hand, the government didn’t want fort to fall into ruin, on the other, as noted by one family member of the fort’s prisoners during war turning a concentration camp into luxury hotel has never been done and ‘lack of seriousness towards history’, even though the project is said to preserve the historical value of the building and island since a museum or a memorial room are in planning.

Mamula Island resort project

What do you think about this conversion? Is a museum enough?

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