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Modern Extension Of Traditional House

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Old versus new is always a nice combination. It may not always be perfect or even harmonious but that is partially the thing. GRAS Arquitectos was hired to build an extension to an existing Mediterranean style house in Mallorca. The traditional house with its arches and columns painted white is now contrasted with rust-colored cubical extension that includes an indoor swimming pool and spa, a gym, a game room, and bedrooms.

Kubik Extension Of Traditional Home

Kubik Extension by GRAS Arquitectos

Kubik Extension by GRAS Arquitectos

Kubik extension is not a usual one-piece structure that is attached to the house or placed nearby. There are multiple additions that provide necessary spaces to the villa, which also includes a covered car park. There is one cubicle at the first floor and another one at the ground level. The indoor swimming pool and gym stand separately bu close.

Though contrasting in color as well as style the Kubik extension isn’t overwhelming the original building. The swimming pool room is almost unnoticeable while the other extensions are quite small and simple enough not to overpower the house.

The back of the house is also left the same and even the extensions look as part of the house. The structure with a swimming pool doubles as a car park from the back, which is quite convenient while the original structure can be seen and accessed.

The architects completed the task delicately though extending a traditional Mediterranean house is quite a challenge. Simple lines keep all the focus on the arches and columns of the existing house while the big windows are similar to the ones on the ground floor. The swimming pool room is covered fully with wood including the ceiling while the big windows provide beautiful views of the surroundings.

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