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Six Oaks House Made of Shipping Containers

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Six Oaks House in California created by Modulus is a family vacation getaway made of shipping containers. The design of the Six Oaks house combines the functionality with the beauty of the wooded site. The shipping containers made for great building material for a ‘modern, yet rustic” house.

Six Oaks House Made of Shipping Containers

The 1,200 square foot house is made of six containers the include the bedroom, kitchen, stairwell and bridge as well as some livable outdoor space. The interior of the house is designed in modern style with skylights, wooden floors, and big framed windows.

The living area also doubles as a dining room. There is a sofa under the skylight near the entrance and a fireplace built into that space under the stairs. The low ceilings are compensated by big windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. There are also built in lights.

The house is enhanced with a couple of slim windows that allow more natural light in and illuminate the rooms. It’s a great design solution for shipping container houses.

Known as cargotecture, buildings made of recyled shipping containers are quite popular for they are basically prefabricated house parts and they don’t cost too much, although there can be hidden costs and various other cons to cargotecture.

Nevertheless, this vacation house is another example of how multiple smart design solutions can transform shipping containers into modern livable space. The house seems spacious and airy despite the restricting shape of the shipping containers.

Arranged to sit naturally on the site the house features an interesting shape and the bridge connects it to the hillside. What do you think about the Six Oaks house?

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Six Oaks House

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