Decorating Styles

  • Wabi Sabi – Japanese Interior Decorating

    The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi is based on the idea of beauty of imperfection. Japanese Interior Decorating

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  • Grunge Style in Interior Design

    At the sight of the interior in the style of grunge we recall old movies about family estates. Grunge style in interior design stands out from other design styles and successfully combines simplicity, elegance and comfort. See how to create the grunge style in the interior

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  • Swedish Apartment Interior Design Inspired by India

    Interior exotic fascination born a few centuries ago, in the Age of Discovery, when old Europe began to get acquainted with home culture of overseas countries. See unusial Swedish apartment design with Indian elements of decor

  • Modern Style of Mid-Twentieth Century

    The mid-century style is the one that’s been considered modern mid-20th century, from mid 1940′s to 1970′s. Mid-century modern style is a bridge between old and new, natural and modern. See how to create home interior in modern style of mid 20th century

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  • House in Tahoe Style

    You have probably heard about the Tahoe Lake region. The region that can be called one of the most beautiful and scenic areas around the world is located in California, USA. Find out more about Tahoe style in home interior design

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  • Small Living Room Decoration

    Many believe that a small living room can not be ideal. However, there are a myriad of successful design projects, from which you can learn original and spectacular ideas See how to make small living more spacious

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  • Trends at Ambiente 2014

    Traditionally Ambiente International exhibition of interior design, home furnishings, gifts, and floriculture, held in February in Frankfurt, is where specialists from the known German agency bora.herke.palmisano present design trends of consumer goods See the main Ambiente 2014 Interior Design trends

  • Pop Art Design Exhibition in London

    Pop Art Design exhibition in Barbican Art Gallery in London is opened until February 9, 2014. If you’re in London we advise you to visit it. Find out more about the unique exhibition

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  • Futuristic Home Interior Design

    Futuristic design is rarely used in homes. Basically, it can be found in public places: cafes, shops, showrooms. For most people, it is an object of art and does not imply a long stay on its territory. See examples of home interior in futuristic style

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  • Brazilian Yacht in Fendi Casa Style

    “Spirit of Brazil” is a greyhound yacht that was built by Pershing, the Italian shipyard, for the customer in Rio de Janeiro. The interior of the yacht was designed in Fendi Casa style. See the photos of the luxury yacht in Fendi style

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  • Indian Bridal Store in Elegant Craft Style

    Tashya is a bridal jewelry and trousseau store, one of the most popular salons in the city of Chandigarh in India. The design goal was to recover traditional Indian crafts and make them work in a modern building. See amazing store design in Indian ethnic style

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  • Winter House in Alps

    It seems that the house on the hill stands on the site since the world’s creation. Even the locals get confused: one says that there was an old farm, the other claims that the rich Belgians bought a wreck and put it in order. See incredible example of rustic interior

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  • Fireplaces in Different Styles

    While planning the design of the living room you need to decide on the interior style. And if you decide to make a fireplace the focal point of the room, you should see the most popular styles of modern fireplaces. Check out the most popular fireplace styles

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  • “Alice in Wonderland” Restaurant in Japan

    “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is one of the most popular titles in literature and cinematography. “Diamond Dining” company established four restaurants in different parts of the world based on this story. The most outstanding one is located in Tokyo, Japan. Fairy tale design of a reastaurant.

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  • Asian Style in The Interior Design

    Asia is something unknown and fascinating for the Europeans and Americans. Among the Asian countries China and Japan are the most popular ones. Asian Interior Design

  • Bionics in interior

    Bionics. That is what you need if you have interesting shapes and spaces in your apartment and want to emphasize them. Bionics in interior

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  • Baroque Style In Interior Design

    Baroque style emerged and was hugely popular in the 17th century. Ornate and immensely intricate it influenced everything from architecture to music. Baroque Style

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  • Pop Art Style In Interior Design

    Pop art style makes for an unusual and colorful interior design. Decorating With Pop Art

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  • Modern Gothic Interior Design

    Gloomy, macabre and dramatic, these are the descriptions of the modern gothic interior design. Prepare to go dark with the modern gothic interior design, into enigma of the black furniture and interior. Modern Gothic Interior

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Interior Décor Styles

Not sure what decorating style to choose for your home? InteriorHolic reviews various decorating styles illustrating each one of them for better identification. Learn about each decorating style’s distinctive features and choose the one or two that will express your style, taste and preferences.