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Modern Gothic Interior Design

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Gloomy, macabre and dramatic, these are the descriptions of the modern gothic interior design. Prepare to go dark with the modern gothic interior design, into enigma of the black furniture and interior.

Modern Gothic Interior

Gothic Drama!

As we remember from the original post about Gothic Interior, the prominent characteristics of this style are stained glass, ornaments, and peaks. It absolutely should incorporate the high arches in some way throughout the house. The modern gothic interior did not go far from the original gothic design: large furniture, grand windows, when available, predominantly dark or patterned interior.

The modern gothic style features the drama and elegance of its ancestor, but with a modern twist. The furniture is massive, yet lacks the ornaments and details that were present in original gothic style. Yet, having no intricate details, the furniture tends to be overreacting by incorporating the arches and colors. Creating some isolated pieces that are reminiscent of the heavy and ornate gothic revival style are also a good idea, if they are not abundant.

The colors though preferred to be generally darker and richer, don’t have to follow the gloomy palette. In can be monochromatic with a adding some extra touch of some dark color. The arched and pointed chairs, random statues to decorate the living space are all adding up the atmosphere. Sometimes, it is okay to use patterned wallpaper, but don’t use it everywhere. Some open spaces are enough to be decorated with it, some should be left blank. Avoid using excessive detailing; use few to underlie the intricacy of your design.

Think about the lighting, use grand but modern chandeliers, candelabras and other modern pointed archway lamps. This would produce the needed atmosphere, and add elegance to your interior. If you are considering making your own interior in modern gothic styles, follow these instructions and don’t get strayed. Remember, gothic interior design is mostly about exaggeration and drama, so use your imagination.

Check out the contemporary gothic interior:

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    Would you please email me back as to where I can buy the dining set in the first photo “Gothic Drama”? I would appreciate it.


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