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Pop Art Style In Interior Design

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Pop art style makes for an unusual and colorful interior design. The style that stems from rebellion against conservative norms in art is meant to be bold and flashy.

Pop Art Style In Interior Design

Miami Townhouse by Amy Lau Design

Pop Art

Pop art paintings can be used in various sizes for different kind of impact in the interior design and can also be created as wall murals. Use these as focal points in the room. The bright color palette of pop art will immediately spruce up any decor and attract attention. Hang them above fireplace, sofa, bed, or on the dining room’s feature wall.

Color Scheme

The color scheme in pop art style is bright and clashing. Choose two bright contrasting colors and a neutral to balance them out. Color blocks can also be used in furniture together with some prints and patterns.


The 60’s style furniture will look great in a pop art style interior design. Think retro-futuristic chairs, minimalist sofas, and egg armchairs.

Pop Art Style Interior Design

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