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Bionics in interior

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Bionics. That is what you need if you have interesting shapes and spaces in your apartment and want to emphasize them.
Originally bionics means using biology for the latest technological achievements. Concerning the interior it means using natural shapes in architecture and interior design.

Close To Nature – Bionics Style in Architecture and Interior Design

Interior in bionics style

Interior in bionics style

It is definitely one of the most progressive design styles but at the same time it is the closest one to nature. It tries to imitate shapes from natural environment and is characterized by smooth lines, massive forms, usually used throughout the room/house. It brings in a lot of air and light. Bionics usually includes bright colors, glossy and mirror surfaces, repeating patterns like cells or natural ornaments but normally with minimum texture. Built-in lights are used to emphasize the space and forms.

Forms can be repeated but details will always stay unique. It is a guarantee of the individual interior design.

Most clearly the use of natural forms appeared in the magnificent creations of the greatest architect Antonio Gaudi (Casa Batlló building, La Pedrera, Park Guell, and others). There are many examples around the world of projects when engineers, designers, architects took living and bionic structures as their bases. There are the Opera House in Sydney and the house “Cypress” in Shanghai and skyscraper SONY in Japan, and many others.

Intensive development of bionics in interior design started with the rapid development of construction technologies, the search of alternative energy sources, global urbanization and the emergence of new eco-friendly building materials. Bionics was born in 1920s and in 70s it becomes popular and earned its independence as a style.

In bionics function has a strong connection with form. Traditionally creators of this style try to use minimum resources with maximum functionality and aesthetic results. Nowadays it more often appears not only in entertainment buildings like opera houses and shopping malls but also in private home designs.  It is definitely a style of the future.

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