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Swedish Apartment Interior Design Inspired by India

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Interior exotic fascination born a few centuries ago, in the Age of Discovery, when old Europe began to get acquainted with home culture of overseas countries. Rugs and pillows, vases and figurines, wicker furniture and baskets, inlaid chests of native species of trees and amazing boxes were a source of additional income, in addition to the true values​​, which were brought out.

Fusion Interior Design Inspired by India

Swedish apartment in fusion style

Swedish apartment in fusion style

Total fashion for exoticism that gripped Europe and North America in the second half of the 20th century is the bright direction, reflected in the luxury designer collections, as well as in the most ordinary home interiors.

Nevertheless, ethnic stuff is commonly seen in the interiors of the “first colonizers”: in England, Spain, Portugal, and in the United States. As for the Scandinavian countries, it is still a rarity. The reason is, apparently, in the northern nature, prone to laconic and less susceptible to the passions, including Interior ones.

That is why it is hard to pass by the Swedish house with exotic décor. But ethnic accessories are not the only thing that attracts attention in this apartment. The most amazing thing is a cocktail made ​​up of the original ingredients:

– Classic Scandinavian design of walls, ceilings and furniture (white walls with stucco decorations, crystal chandeliers, traditional sofas);

– Many items imported from India (from pillows and lamps to statues and screens);

– The works of contemporary painters and decorators (paintings and panels of fabric), supporting strict laconism of the home theater.

This is a true fusion, fashionable and unique style, allowing wildest unions.

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