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Futuristic Home Interior Design

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Futuristic design is rarely used in homes. Basically, it can be found in public places: cafes, shops, showrooms. For most people, it is an object of art and does not imply a long stay on its territory.

Futuristic Design for Home Interior

Despite the fact that this style fascinates and surprises everyone, not everyone dares to let it into their lives. Maybe it is because traditionally futurism in interior space is associated with fiction. But in fact it is more multifaceted and diverse.

Interior of the Future by Bozhinovski Design

Futuristic interior by Bozhinovski Design, living room

Futuristic interior by Bozhinovski Design 

The interior design for a spacious apartment offered by the Bulgarian design studio Bozhinovski Design is an example of cutting-edge design with mirror-smooth surfaces. Realizing their plan in the apartment for a family of four people (two adults and two children), the designers set out to achieve an elegant, modern and unusual design solution in futuristic style.

Use of natural material, such as wood and marble, lies at the core of the finishing. Primary colors are white (textiles, furniture, walls), beige (floor, walls) and black (walls in the bathroom), with the addition of bright blue in the kid’s room, which is presented in the images of cartoon heroes on the wall and in bed textiles.

Futuristic interior in Sci-Fi Apartment

Futuristic interior of the Sci-Fi Apartment by A-cero Architects

Futuristic interior of the Sci-Fi Apartment by A-cero Architects

Futuristic and temperamental interior of the Sci-Fi Apartment, located in Galicia (Spain),was developed by a well-known Spanish architecture studio A-cero Architects. A spacious and bright entrance hall divides the apartment with unusual layout into two parts. One of them is the total living space and the dining room. Another part contains kitchen, bathrooms, amenities, bedrooms and office.

The main color in the apartment’s interior is white. And there are only some elements with black matte and glossy surfaces. The designers break the monochrome in such way, but only to emphasize the perfect concept, built on cutting-edge forms and lines.

Futurism interior in Lordship Park

Futuristic interior design in Lordship Park's in North London

Futuristic interior design in Lordship Park’s in North London

Lordship Park is a large Victorian house in North London. The interior of the house is his first design, made in futuristic style. Its main features are white and bright colors. Everything you need to decorate the interior in this style is to make it light and airy, choosing very bright colors and modern furniture. Curved holes in the doors also add a bit of futurism in interior.

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