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Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen design can vary in style and there are many materials to design your kitchen with in order to get the atmosphere you want. Below are the interior designs for kitchens by various designers who’s put their own vision into their projects. They are all very different and absolutely cool, of course.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

This amazing kitchen design was conceived by Philippe Starck for Miele DIE KÜCHE now known as Warendorf. Called the “Primary” kitchen is described as neobaroque with great stone walls and yellow mirror glass fronts. It’s so unusual and cool I love the combination of metallic shine with uneven stones in the walls.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

This “Clock Tower Kitchen” was designed by design studio Minimal in 2009 as part of Clock Tower building renovation. The clock room that used to inhabit clock mechanisms now is a 6,500-square-foot expensive apartment with an unimaginable view of the city. The kitchen was designed by Stefano Venier from Minimal USA with the use of Italian materials and style. Those clock windows are simply amazing. The rest of the kitchen is sleek and elegant.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen is also by Starck for Warendorf and it’s called “Duality” because it has this cool metallic shelf and counter for cooking and storing, which stands independently in the room allowing easy access from any side.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

Designed by Mal Corboy this Contemporary Kitchen looks like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s modern, it’s cool and it’s masculine. The Mal Corboy client wanted something manly out of his kitchen so that’s how it turned out. The materials used to achieve a monochromatic look were Stat Vein Marble and Stainless Steel. The island counter is completed with lighting at its bottom. The design is peculiar but it definitely catches the eye.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

Architect Nils Finne has created a very special kitchen while renovating a farmhouse in Fall City, Washington. It’s very homey but, on the other hand, there are some modern elements to it as well as a great view out the windows.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

MILLY kitchen from Stosa Cucine is a modular range that has everything you need for the kitchen but makes it look like a homey room and not a cooking area.

Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas

Beach House Kitchen by Australian designer Kim Duffin looks like a fun and cool place to be. Featuring beautiful turquoise, lime green and canary yellow against white and off-white background this kitchen’s color scheme definitely won’t make you feel dull.

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