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Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

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Kitchen design evolves every year bringing the new designs and solutions. These three kitchen designs are simply amazing thanks to the design solutions they provide in terms of aesthetic, eco-friendly materials, and architecture.

Amazing Modern Kitchens

Paperstone Kitchen

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Paperstone Kitchen is an amazing eco-friendly kitchen design by Alessio Bassan made of new material called PapertStone. Paperstone is made of recycled paper and non-petroleum resins. The Paperstone Kitchen looks absolutely stylish and modern, it’s hard to believe it’s made of paper. Some of the surfaces in the kitchen are made in a checkered pattern while the rest of it comes in grey black. The kitchen island is elevated resting on a base and hides the kitchen technology. Sleek hot plate and faucet look harmounious with the kitchen.

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Artica Kitchen

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Artica is an amazing kitchen design by Estudiosat for Delta Cocinas. Artica features a kitchen island and other kitchen furnishings decorated with paper folds-like texture at the bottom. This unexpected twist makes the kitchen look unusual and origami-inspired. The kitchen is made in white with contrasting black coutertops. The hot plate and sink are divided by a sheet of glass.

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

Hidden Kitchen

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

This kitchen designed by dmvA Architecten is simply stunning. Featuring a folding floor-to-ceiling door the kitchen can be easily hidden and become a screening room with only a tapletop that extends from the wall. The red white kitchen has a modern clean look minimalist even but it easily trasforms into a free space for gathering with family and friends or simply working.

Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs

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2 Responses to “Amazing Modern Kitchen Designs”
  1. Mikael Says:

    That paperstone kitchen looks absolutely amazing. Not only is it super stylish but the fact that it is eco friendly appeals to me as well.

    Two questions though:

    1) If it is made og paper, how is it able to resist water and/or heat? Has it been covered in anything special?

    2) Do you have any idea what the cost is? Looks like a million bucks and I bet it doesn’t come cheap.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Arty Says:

    Hello, Mikael,

    thank you for comment. The PaperStone is made with the petroleum-free resin and it says that it absorbs no water at paperstoneproductsdotcom. As for the price try contacting the manufacturer Key Cucine. Hope this helps.

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