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Home Library Design Ideas

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Home library is a great area for book lovers. If you have many books and would love to have a quite place to enjoy them home library is what you need. Home library is not only a place for storing books. It can also serve a function of home office or study room. You can store the books right in the living room, though if you are not living alone this room can be a high-traffic area that may be not suitable for quite reading.

Home Library Design Ideas

Decorating Style

Even specialty rooms should be decorated in one particular style. So start thinking style and color scheme the moment you decide you wanted a home library. It can be traditional, modern, Gothic, Victorian, minimalist, country or else but it should serve its function. The room should have a certain temperature and relative humidity in order to keep books safe from destruction and deterioration. So probably basements and other damp places are not the best areas for a library.

Furniture and Color Scheme

Whatever style you choose the library can express your personality and taste. Besides bookshelves the library can be furnished with a sofa, armchairs, desk and ladder if the bookshelves extends to the ceiling. The color scheme can be anything from black and white to gray, purple or green or any other color combination you want to choose. It should not be irritating or too distracting because you want to focus on your reading.

Home Library Design Ideas

The living room can also serve as a home library with the bookshelves and sitting area


Lighting is also a very important item of your home library decor. The lighting should be bright enough but not blinding. You can have one pendant light and couple of table or floor lamps that would give you a bit more focused illumination for healthy reading.


Bookshelves can be of any style, shape and they don’t necessarily have to be conventional. There are many interesting bookshelf designs out there in various forms and shapes. Some of them also serve as great organizers and provide a sitting place specially for reading.

Take a look at some of home library design ideas but keep in mind that there are many more options. If you don’t have a spare room for a library you can always store your books on the spare walls or under the staircase where you can also organize a little reading space for yourself.

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