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Nature-Inspired Rugs From Angela Adams

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Area rugs are definitely practical but not all of them can boast such incredible aesthetic appeal as these landscape rugs by Angela Adams. Inspired by the nature and landscape of Maine Adams creates amazing decor items and accessories for home. The Landscape collection is a series of beautiful rugs that depict colorful landscapes that look like beautiful drawings.

Landscape-Inspired Rugs

Woodland rug by Angela Adams

Dune rug from Angela Adams

The places that most inspire us, often do so simply by reminding us of who we truly are and what makes us feel comfortable and peaceful. The Landscape collection allows us to bring into our home, the textures, colors and patterns of some of our most beloved spaces, bringing with them the inspired energy of the natural world.

The rugs depict various natural scenes and come with various textures that make the rugs so lively. The hand-tufted wool rugs feature trees, rivers, rocks, and other natural elements. The prices range from $2,200 to $12,000 depending on the size of the rug.

They also come in different shapes to fit the area you need to cover. The rugs are named after the landscapes they portray. There is Dune, Garden, Harbor, and Woodland.

Beside amazing rugs Angela Adams creates fine art and tapestries also depicting the natural scenes, as well as furniture, accessories, and bedding. Twop lates of her glassware collection depict Garden and Rain (tapestry design). These are made of birch veneer and come at $85 each.

Just the other day we showed you an amazing exhibition collection of rugs and carpet creations by Fabrica in collaboration with Tai Ping. Also inspired by nature the artists designed unexpected rugs though not all of them were completely functional or practical.

What do you think about Agela Adams’ landscape rugs?

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