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Japanese Motives in Interior

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Today I visited my friend who just finished redecorating her apartment in Japanese style. Japanese design is not always comfortable for western person. But she has found several solutions that created western comfort in Japanese atmosphere.

Compromise between East and West

Interior in Japanese house is extremely minimalistic. Mild autumn colors, minimum decoration, very little furnishing. Very low tables without any chairs or soft cushions. Traditional Japanese bed doesn’t allow anything except for matrass and blanket. It lacks almost everything that western people relate to comfort. On the other hand its neat airy elegance is extremely attractive. But we talk about possible compromise, right? It is not necessary to redecorate all your interior. And I hope, some tricks my friend used for her apartment will be useful for you.

Japanese-Style Living Room

Japanese-Style Living Room

Wallpaper and Light

My friend started with choosing wallpaper. Two or three colors and smooth texture. She chose white background color for living room. And just two stripes of bright blue for one wall. Her living room is not of very big size, so white color brought an illusion of much space and two blue stripes made it more interesting.

Also she bought wallpaper with nice ornament with floral theme for dining room. She put them in a wide square as a picture on one wall and surrounded it with black paper ribbon to make a frame. We agreed that she will put a couple of ikebana flowers onto the floor as well. In order to bring more life to her wide and airy dining room.

She also used very Japanese-like lanterns made of special rice paper. They make light a bit deem and therefore I felt very home-like in there.

Bright Color Accents

Bright Color Accents


She ordered a low wooden dining table of dark brown color. Table top has a nice drawing of landscape in eastern manner and it actually is the main accent of this room. Around the table she put cushions of the same color of golden autumn tree leaves. It looked colorful and very preserved at the same time. For the living room my friend bought small comfortable sofa without legs.

And a couple of low tables. She rejected parquet that was in the living room before and replaced it with carpet cover. She also found a fine glass table for TV-set. Then she found special paint for glass and covered it with Japanese hieroglyphs. She likes reading and her books now take place at very authentic Japanese shelves. I mean, the shelves also are in a shape of hieroglyph. Actually, now there is a sign for luck on a wall of her living room where all the books stand. This shelf is an accent in the living room.

For lightning she bought several table lamps and just one small lamp above the sofa. So, atmosphere in the living room is very alike to one in the dining room.


But her bedroom is an example of traditional Japanese one. She made a special stand where she placed bed itself. So, bed is very comfortable, but is lying on the floor as traditions require. Several drawers for her possessions are hidden inside this stand. Wallpaper for bedroom is of the same light green color. But she hanged a huge fan with Japanese drawing above her bed supported by two more black and white pictures from both sides. And she couldn’t stand to place a folding screen in her bedroom. She ordered one, quite expansive for herself. But it’s possible to find different variants of those in furniture stores.

Japanese-Style Bedroom

Japanese-Style Bedroom

Obsession with Japanese style in interior has gone several years ago. But for people as my friend it’s not important at all. To my opinion, western comfort in eastern design looks fascinating. And I will definitely bring some elements of it to my own house.

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