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Indoor Courtyard Design Ideas

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Indoor courtyard can be a a great addition to the house in an urban setting. While outdoor gardens often require much space the indoor courtyard can be small with a single tree or a mini lawn. indoor courtyard can be constructed in the center of the house with open or transparent ceiling. Thus it can divide the house by areas and as well as provide some private outdoor space with a bit of greenery and plenty daylight.

Indoor Courtyard Design Ideas

The house is commonly separated from the courtyard with glazed walls that allow the daylight in as well as allow in the view of courtyard. This creates a nice indoor/outdoor dynamic in the rooms adjacent to the courtyard.

There are plenty of ways to design an indoor courtyard. It can come in a form of a rock garden, Japanese garden, or simply a lawn and pebbles. Adding a bench to the courtyard will give you place to rest outdoors.

Indoor Courtyard Examples:

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