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IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas 2011

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IKEA 2011 catalog is full of ideas. Combining their old and new products IKEA have to offer various stylish Bedroom Designs for 2011. Complex color schemes and minimalist designs full of details and accessories are the main keys to stylishness for IKEA.

IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas 2011

The bedrooms designed in warm and neutral colors all show off maximum realization of the design concept. Each room is personal yet simple and complies with many various tastes. For calmer nightly atmosphere consider dark and dull shades. The decor can be brightened with some bright accents but the main color should create a sleepy and relaxed mood.

If you are into warm and sunny rooms, go for pinks with deeper hues in the accents, they will liven up the room. IKEA offers practical yet interior-friendly organizing furniture like shelves and shelf stands for books, boxes with clothing and other things.

Combining the bedroom with the kids’ room can be done easily by dividing the room into two sections with the curtain. Thus you will be able to make some private room for yourself as well as the baby who yet sleeps in the crib.

Introducing complex patterns into minimalist designs is the easiest thing to do as they don’t conflict with complex color schemes. The latter, on the other hand, can be decorated with accessories of neutral colors.

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