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Urban Gardening Designs

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Do you live in a megapolis and just absolutely strive for some fresh air amidst the greenery? The splendid example of this urban gardening design is vertical gardening option and green roofing. Find out all about exciting options of urban gardening.

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Best Urban Gardening Ideas

In an increasing speed of life and the scarce space availability is pushing enthusiasts to create new green eco ideas. Urban gardening is a concept that suggests the idea of planting into the wild, chaotic metropolitan world. There are different types of urban gardening, introducing green solutions in big cities. The concept of urban gardening dates back to ancient times, features the most famous design, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


Vertical gardening, or green walls

Vertical gardening is an idea that features including the greenery into walls of the skyscrapers, or other vertical surfaces. It has been known since 1950, but is coming to popularity just now. This concept has many pluses, which can be exploited in daily life, such as clean air, crop production, and future investments, as future is predicted to be mostly urban. The most famous vertical gardening designs are Patrick Blanc green walls. The idea occurred to him, while he was in India and inspired he now creates greenery just on the walls of the buildings.


Another famous to be vertical gardening design can be soon seen in New York, USA. Its ambitious name is Dragonfly farm. The design of this construction was introduced by Vincent Callebaut Architectures. It would serve the agricultural purpose of food growing, and should help in food shortage for city dwellers. Almost 600 meters high, this prominent skyscraper will definitely reshape the landscape of New York city.



A good substitute for a garden, is a garden on the roof! The plants are contained in pots, but it doesn’t diminish its functions. Of course not every roof will carry the thick forestry, but most roofs are ok to begin with easy plantings or even just grass. The roof gardening serves many purposes, ecological, like heat reduction, and human alike, like greenery enjoyment. Nowadays, the builders are using solar thermal collectors roofs for better effect on the roof gardening. The most known eco-roofs are to be found in Chicago, Millennium Park. Few people know that it is actually a roof of a large underground garage and train station. It features 24.5 acres of green parkland.


Another famous eco-roof are Ford River rouge factory complex in Michigan, the treasury building in Athens, Greece and Australian parliament Center.


So, now you know that to have a garden in your urban area is not such a crazy idea after all. Create your own urban garden and enjoy the green environment. Check out the vertical gardening designs and green roof budget ideas.

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