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Mosaic In Home Decor

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Mosaic is another great way to bring in some color, texture and depth to your home decor. Mosaic can be used in tile and glass in almost any room in your house. Of course, the most common rooms for mosaic (tile) are bathrooms and kitchens. Mosaic floors, walls, and feature walls can decorate any room bringing in the complexity and liveliness of the the mosaic pattern.

Mosaic In Home Decor

Since mosaic can be quiet busy in terms of pattern and color, it’s best to blend it with various shades of solids that match the mosaic color scheme. It’s also a great way to define the color scheme of the whole room. The feature wall with a mosaic design will easily catch the eye and add energy and glamor into the decor.

Since tile is quiet easy to wash it’s often used in kitchens’ cooking area and floors. The bathrooms are no exception, tile’s and glass’ gloss gives the room a special touch that can be both beautiful and functional. Mosaics are not only pixel, you can create various shapes and abstract forms out of colored tiles and glass.

If you do not want to cover the whole wall in mosaic tiles or glass you can make a wide horizontal or vertical stripe on the feature wall or a painting featuring mosaic. Accessories such as decorative bowls, bottles and other vessels can feature mosaic so all you really have to do to introduce them into your home decor is to pick those that compliment your existing color scheme.

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