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Nursery Design Ideas

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Nursery furniture sets should not necessarily be white, baby blue or pink. The nursery is a place for a child to sleep, play and grow so there are more engaging nursery design ideas. A color schemes can be bright featuring wall decorations and upholstery. The decorating style of the nursery can be traditional or modern as well as combine the both styles.

Nursery Design Ideas

Different Color Scheme

There are many options for the nursery color scheme. From color blocks to muted brights or neutrals with pops of color. The nursery can also be designed in gender neutral style using sleek furniture and colors and hues that are not associated with the particular gender.

Wall Decorations

Cute wall decorations can add the playful element to the nursery. If the nursery is also meant to be a play room cute and educational wall art will create the atmosphere of game and play in the room. The walls can also be decorated with family portraits, artworks or mirrors.


Nursery beds have a special design but are available in various color options and materials. Some of the beds can feature a curtain to ensure a sound sleep while others come in sleek design with the bars.The rest of the furniture usually includes cabinets for storing baby’s clothes and an armchair to rock the baby to sleep. The furniture can be ornate or simple it all depends on the style of the nursery.

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