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Brutal Living Room in the Hillside Bungalow by Interlink Design Solutions

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Golden guns, marble floor, fur carpet, whiskey bar… What could be manlier?

Hillside Bungalow Living Room

hillside bungalow living room

Hillside Bungalow Living Room

Whole apartment represents a bungalow from the 80’s. Every corner, every point of this house shows extreme but restrained richness, without losing the elegance.

There are a lot of designed furniture in the house like Phillip Starck’s Gun series, Castiglioni’s gold edition of 2097, Eames’s black leather lounge and foot rest. The color scheme of the interior is white, black, gold and natural wood. Carpet made of fur and a coffee table with the legs resembling giant fangs create a feeling like you are in the living room of a real hunter’s modern shelter.

The living room here is united with the kitchen and dining room area. Designers removed a couple of walls to make the interior more open. Kitchen is more like a bar than a place for cooking food. “Food” zone is placed on the podium complete with marble stairs. Black Marquina marble from Spain was used through all over these zones. Built-in shelves were finished in Purple Ray veneer.

Natural light comes to the house though the big, wall-sized windows. They are opening a view to the modern Kuala Lumpur, where this house is located. Interior, exterior and a view from the window are perfectly connected in the modern style and 80’s bungalow spirit. The house is located on the hill and far enough from the road which provides more privacy. At the night time it’s lit up with a golden chandelier in classic old Venice style.

This project won the 2009 “Silver Award” in the Residential Interior Category at the MSID Interior Design Awards (IDA).

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