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Greener Gardening Practices

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When going green don’t forget about keeping your gardening practices eco-friendly too. Make sure you are not showering your greenery and vegetables with toxic chemicals and learn how to keep your garden safe and green.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Practices

Greener Gardening Practices

Planting greenery

Fighting Pests

Stop fighting pests with chemicals and use natural remedies to get rid of wildlife that harms your garden. Attract beneficial insects and birds that will help you keep pests at bay. If weeds are a problem in your garden start by identifying the weeds and studying when they seed and how to fight them. Vinegar or scolding water are used as natural herbicides but be careful when applying them as they can hurt other plants as well. They may also require multiple applications.


Using natural compost to feed your plants makes sense not only in that it’s greener but it’s safer too, especially if you are growing a vegetable garden. You can make your own compost our of old plants, grass clippings, and even vegetable waste from your kitchen.

Vegetable Garden

Grow a vegetable or herb garden to get fresh, chemical-free, truly organic veggies right in time for your meals. If you have more land though you can also plant a few of your favorite fruit trees or berries. Join a community garden if you don’t have your own land for growing food.

Collect Rainwater

As an eco-conscious gardener you probably already have rainwater collectors but if not collecting rainwater is simple. Just put a container under your gutter downspout and use that water for your garden or flower beds.

Green Tools

Opt for greener garden tools. Instead of using an electrical lawnmower opt for a reel one. Also think soaker hoses over sprinklers, and other low-energy tools. The garden accessories like fountains and light can too be eco-friendly, opt for solar-powered options.

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