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How To Add Depth To Decor

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Whether you need to add depth to home decor or a boxy room there are some tips and ideas that will help to improve your home and design. Sometimes a good design can look completely flat without some bold accents or because of the rooms’ boxy features. There are some ways and techniques to make the decor more interesting and detailed as well as the room appear wider.

How To Add Depth To Decor

Wall Paint

To make the room appear deeper and wider opt for paint with a light-reflecting sheen. Its glossy texture will help make the room appear bigger. To make the effect full opt for cream, white-based colors avoid cold underhues in paint as well as gray-based whites as these will make the room look smaller and gloomier.

To make the low-ceiling room look taller paint wide enough vertical stripes or use ready striped wall coverings. The contrast in the wall shades can make the room look deeper. One wall should be in a lighter shade of the similar color than the opposite wall.

Bold Accents

To make the color scheme work add a deeper shade of one of its colors in small accents around the room – throw pillows, glassware, furniture items. If the color scheme is light jazz i up with some brights or even an array of bright colors. Again use pillows, rugs, accessories to add depth to the decor with accents.


Mirrors definitely make the room look bigger and deeper adding illusive space to it. If the room is boxy and small try to add a big mirror to one of the walls near the window or in front of the lighting source. It will immediately make the room look deeper.

Recessed lighting can also add depth to small boxy rooms. Lighting techniques can be used to make the room appear bigger or to highlight specific details of the interior.

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