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How To Get Monochromatic Color Scheme Right

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Deccorating in a single color might be both challenging and easy. From the first sight you have to choose only one color for the whole room and apply to the walls as well as the furnishings. But there also lies a danger of making the room look dull and weird. If you want to make the monochromatic color scheme work follow a few basic rules and your room will look not only neat but also sophisticated.

Make Monochromatic Color Scheme Work


Terracotta color scheme with neutral walls and floors

To make a single color work in the whole room make sure you use different shades of this color for different elements. For instance, if you want to decorate your room in yellow make sure your walls and floors differ in shade. Opt for a light yellow tone for walls and neutral wood for floors. Then you can choose furniture in a brighter yellow shade. This way you have balance between yellows that are further balanced out by neutral wooden floors.

Balance It Out

Neutrals are a great way of breaking the continuous shade of any certain color of choice. Think off-white, white, grey, black, and natural wood. This way even if you are using the same shade for the whole room you won’t end up with a boxy uninteresting space washed in one color.

Use Darker & Lighter Shades

Using darker and lighter shades of your color will add more depth to your interior. The contrast in shades will allow you to create a more interesting eye-catching look.

Grey monochromatic color scheme

Grey monochromatic interior

Add Patterns & Prints

Patterns and prints that differ in colors can be difficult to coordinate but if you are using just one color it’s more than appropriate to incorporate patterns into walls, curtains, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

Go For Dramatic Accents

If you always wanted a dramamtic chandelier or a coffee table in your monochromatic living room you’d better go for it as soon as possible as it will only make your living space much more interesting. Make sure it fits with the rest of the decor and the color scheme.

Dramatic accents in same color family won’t stand out as much as the ones in contrasting colors but they will ad much more interest to your interior. Accents in contrasting colors also make for greater depth.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    I am wondering if I can get the brand of paint and the color of the monochromatic grey bedroom on this image

  2. Monnaie Says:

    Like the Gloomy feeling of the second one, Nice interior designing!

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