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Bright Kid’s Room Design Ideas

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Bright are common in kid’s room designs as they are engaging and energizing. There are many color schemes to choose from. To create a bright kid’s room design you can use anything from bright wall paint to various furniture items.

Bright Kid's Room Design Ideas

Find Balance

When choosing the color scheme for the kid’s room make sure the colors are not too active and distracting for the kids. Throw in some neutrals to balance out the brights. If brights are too much for the room colorful more intense pastels can substitute the brights.

Makeover Friendly

It is also quite easy to add some brights into the existing kid’s room design. Wall paint, tapestry, and various accessories can easily transform a neutral room into a bright and colorful one. Replacing furniture is costly while the walls and accessories can be substituted when the makeover is needed.


Often the kid’s room has several functions – playroom, bedroom, and study room. Using brights and neutrals it is possible to divide the play area from bedroom and study.

Decorating Kid’s Room With Brights:

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    I like the colorful bedroom with Tigger and Pooh in it. And the rug is a perfect match.

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