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Christmas Decorating Trends For 2014

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If you don’t feel festive yet it’s high time to do something about it. It’s Christmas in a little more than a week after all and we are here to help you decorate your home and bring some holiday spirit to it. Decorating trends come and go but classics can get boring too. So if you are willing to try something new without spending too much on new decorations there are two decorating trends that will help you get away from the red and green classic scheme without breaking the bank.

Decorating Trends For 2014 Christmas

Blue and green Christmas decor


Glitter and shine help add more magic to the holiday decor. You can glitter up the old baubles or make new ones yourself using old CDs or anything that has a reflective surface. Rhinestones can also help liven up old decorations.


If you have a tighter budget burlap can be an answer. It’s cheap and multipurpose. You can get really creative with burlap and decorate anything from the table to the fireplace mantel. You can also add some other natural elements to the decor to complement your burlap decoraions like driftwood, wooden decorations, and pine cones.

In terms of color you can really choose from an wide range of options. You can go all white if you’re into a frosted theme or choose the Northern Lights color scheme of blue and green, which is our own favorite. A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a chore to choose either. Or you can make your own with the help of some clutter you can find around the house and old Christmas decorations.

So what are your decoration plans for this year’s Christmas? Are you going for the classic green and red scheme or are you trying anything new?

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