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Going Green: Creative Recycling Ideas

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Recycling is the basic principle of green living. So if you decided to go green, there are many things you may have lying around the house that require recycling. We think there are four best ways to recycle stuff. You can sort your waste by disposing of it in special recycling bins, or reuse things like mason jars. You can also repurpose junk in decor or donate old clothes, bedding, furniture, and dishes to your local charity or church.

Creative Recycling Ideas

Cat Bed

Cat bed made from an old MAC monitor


There are many creative ways of turning old tin or soda cans into useful decor items, but we love the tin can vase the most. There is just somethig about it that has both industrial and rustic appeal. A more unusual and creative way to recycle a tin can is turning it into a bird feeder.


Appliances can be challenging to recycle yourself but there are things that you can create out of old monitors, microwaves, and toasters like cat beds, fishtanks, or even a small cabinet for books, magazines, or other items.


Sanitaryware like sinks and bathtubs make great planters. But there is one creative idea we loved more than that – an old bathtub turned into a container pond. It can be burried or it can be placed in the garden making for a bright accent and a water garden.


With information quickly becoming digital, books are in turn becoming more of a DIY project material than the reading one. Artist Guy Laramee turns books into amazing miniature but life-like sculptures. Want a more practical, DIYable recycling idea? Planters.

Dishes & Cutlery

Dishes and cutlery can break or become rusty and stained. As your favorite set is showing the signs of wear and tear, don’t despair because you can still enjoy the sight of your favorite teacups as curtain tiebacks or candles.

Other Ways of Living Green

There are many other ways to reduce your impact on the planet like supporting your local green brands, reducing the amount of stuff that you buy impulsely, gathering litter around your area, investing in good quality products that will last long, and, of course, using products made out of biodegradable or recyclable materials.

If you have land and greenery, you might want to green up your gardening practices as well.

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