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Acrylic Hot Tubs

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The secret of the popularity of acrylic hot tubs is in bath features that make it a leader among plumbing fixtures. Two main qualities are the specific material, of which they are made (acrylic), as well as a powerful beneficial impact of hydro massage on the human body.

Acrylic Hydro Massage Hot Tubs

Acrylic massage bathtub

Acrylic massage bathtub

Acrylic is hygienic and extremely durable material that meets all the standards of modern plumbing. Baths made ​​of acrylic, are not covered by cracks over time. And their extremely smooth surface is protected from various bacteria.

The material itself has very high shock-absorbing qualities, making this bathtub filled with water almost silently. Acrylic baths are very light in weight; therefore, it is very easy to transport as well as to install them. And only a material such as acrylic, allows making bathtubs different in form and color.

Hydro massage mechanism could theoretically be used in the bath, made ​​of any material, but most often it is used in acrylic models. The prototype of the modern hot tubs was a device that was designed for the treatment of sick people. This mechanism created a small water jet, which was mixed with the air. At the moment, technical progress, of course, stepped far forward. And now there are already more than a hundred different kinds of hydro massage bathtubs. But all of them anyway, include the following elements:

The control unit.

Pump for air.


Opening for water intake.

Water pump.

The water level sensor.

Two lines (tubes) – for water and air.


A crucial component of the entire system is injector, as it is used to generate most of the massage jets through the mixing of the two streams of air and water lines.

Very often, in addition to the possibility of hydro massage, acrylic bathtubs are completed with other useful options such as:

Bath lights (more aesthetic than practical element).

Automatic cleaning and disinfection of the injectors.

Aeromassage function (a special very light massage for the entire body).


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