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Former Ambulance Garage Transformed Into Modern Home

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Parksite is a former ambulance garage that was transformed into a modern home by Doepel Strijkers and LEX Architects in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The spacious new house designed in white with orange accents is surrounded with beautiful greenery. Since the property is located in a secluded park the views were just too good to leave the whole building enclosed with walls.

Former Ambulance Garage Turned Into Home

Dark teal and pink interior

Former ambulance garage turned into home by Doepel Strijkers and LEX Architects

With the rear wall enhanced with a large window the residents can enjoy both the views and the natural lighting. The depressed area in the middle of the structure makes for more room. The kitchen and dining area are accessed via stairs that continue further into the house. The lightbox built above them contains bedrooms and is accessed through the stairs.

The depressed area looks like a conversation pit and it also provides seating space for the residents. The bathroom is very minimalistic and features built-in LED lights just like the lightbox.

Since the house features an overhanging roof the space underneath it is furnished with an alfresco dining area. The green surroundings serve both for privacy and pleasing outdoor experience.

The kitchen dining area does not only bring a bright splash of color to the house but also makes for a great socializing place. Such space-enhancing design solution is very unusual and creative while the lightbox where the bedrooms are located must feel like a nice hideaway.

The park site is also perfect for a family. It is both beautiful and private, featuring hedges, trees, and pathways to walk or even jog in the early mornings.

What do you think about this wonderful conversion?

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