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How To Build Eco-Friendly House

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There are quite a few ways of building an eco-friendly house. And even when the house is done finishing and furnishing can too be green and environmentally-conscious. First of all, make sure your building site doesn’t have many trees that you have to remove to build. If your site only includes one or two trees try to incorporate them into your house design rather than removing them.

Tips On Building Eco-Friendly House

Eco-Friendly Tree House by Standard

Eco-Friendly Tree House by Standard


Choosing a location that will provide enough natural light in winter is a great idea since you will be able to use less energy to illuminate your house.

Zero Waste Construction

Zera waste construction is possible when you’re building a prefabricated house. Since it’s being produced on factory the prefabricated house produce minimal to no waste making for a very eco-friendly abode. You can choose a personalized design and have your new home shipped to and assembled on site.

Reclaimed Building Materials

Reclaimed construction materials or biodegradable renewable building materials like bamboo are great for building an eco-friendly house. You can find reclaimed materials via Craiglist or other websites that help buying and selling such materials.


Good insulation is vital for a good eco-friendly home. It makes sure no heat escapes in winters and sneaks in during summers. Thus you can significantly reduce energy consumption on heating and cooling the house. Be mindful when choosing an insulation material, opt for those that contain low VOC.

Solar Power

Use solar panels to take your house off the grid. There is nothing better or cleaner than solar power so invest in the panels and never pay electric bills again. You can also go green with all of your gadgets.

Water Conservation

Water is scarce so it’s important to think through the water management. You can install the systems to collect grey and rainwater. You can also install low-flow faucets and shower heads and dual flush toilet to reduce water consumption.

Think Rooftop Garden

If you have too little land for a full-fledged traditional garden think about making your house rooftop garden-friendly. It will provide additional insulation and noise-reduction and will give you the clean and green outdoor area.

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