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Interior Decor: Going Green on Budget

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So you think it’s impossible to go green with your interior decor without becoming a bankrupt? While all we hear that organic things from foods to furniture are more expensive than non-organic ones we miss the part where non-organic stuff can adversely impact our health. The carpets can give off formaldehyde which can cause respiratory irritation and cancer, the inside walls mold can cause migraines and many other stuff in our ho use can be bad for health.

Interior Decor: Going Green on Budget

So how to create an eco-friendly interior decor on budget? Remember the main principles of eco-friendly decor: reducing, recycling and reusing. Use of more organic materials and less non-renewable resources is also important. First of all, locate the nearest green stores like Goodwill, the Salvation Army or Habitat For Humanity. There you will find inexpensive home accessories that you can redecorate yourself and get a unique and eco-friendly decoration.

For redesigning your interior decor opt for non-toxic paint with low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds). You can also use this paint to redecorate the interior accessories from a green store. Also shop from eco-friendly designers that create recycled furniture and home decorations.

Interior Decor: Going Green on Budget

Do not forget to read labels and descriptions of products that you buy. Thus you will know what they are made of and will be able to make green choices. Some carpets off-gas toxins but some eco-friendly modular carpet tiles are non-toxic, easy to lay yourself and can be shipped back to the manufacturer for recycling. Also jute, wool, or sisal rugs are great for going green. Cork and bamboo are cool eco-friendly materials for wall covering and flooring.

You can also get tax breaks for going green with your interior decor. Just report about your green improvements in your home your yearly taxes. If you have done some remodeling and got refuse do not rush to get rid of it. ReUse People ( can use some recyclable parts of it.

Be resourceful. Even simple things but made of organic materials can be redecorated, reused and recycled in the future. Reuse your old furniture if it’s made of eco-friendly materials, read labels and look for discounts and coupons especially when shopping online.

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