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Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

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Traditional chalets are made of wood with a sloping rood found in Alpine region have evolved to become great modern vacation homes and hotels. There are so many amazing resorts and vacation estates that are so inspiring it’s simply beautiful so take a look at our selected amazing ten chalets.

Amazing Chalet Interior Designs

Chalet Béranger

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet Béranger by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance is a 5,700 square foot building that locates on the three storys with an unconventional chalet architecture. The interior design of this chalet is quite intriguing as it’s not linear but rather futuristic and organic. The curves in the interior walls and ceilings make for a very unusual look and even the amount of wooden finishes do not make the chalet traditional.

Eventhough the chalet features ceiling wooden beams the style and feel in all of the rooms is very futuristic. The family room features a built-in floor fireplace while the dining area features am amazing fururistic table design. The hovering bed in the bedroom and built-in ambient lighting emphasize the style of the chalet.

Chalet Brickell

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet Brickell is a project of Pure Concept. It is a 12,900 square foot estate in South France with seven bedrooms and thousands Euros rent price. The luxurious home is pretty traditional as it is designed in stone and wood with beams and wooden ceilings but when it comes to facilities you can definitely expect the top-notch things. There is an indoor pool, night club, home cinema, massage room, and other amenities.

The bathroom alone is done in a gorgeous veined marble that is echoed in the kitchen that is also equipped with technology and appliances. The indoor pool can be exposed to natural light but it is also illuminated with lights built into the wooden ceiling that contrasts with luxurious marble.

Chalet Zermatt Peak

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet Zermatt Peak in the Swiss Alps is a truly incredible estate which was on sale a year ago for $24,500,000. Overlooking the Matterhorn and the village of Zermatt this luxury chalet features a private tunnel access with an elevator, five bedrooms, sauna, gym, steam room, and Jacuzzi.

Beside amazing views the interior allows in the chalet features balconies and alfresco dining area. The chalet was used by high profile guests as well as functioned as a boutique hotel with all the possible amenities like 24-hour taxi, breakfast, dinner, massage and other.

Chalet K2

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Being a part of skiing resort in the French Alps, Chalet K2 boasts 5380 square feet that house five bedrooms. Mixing modern and traditional styles the chalet makes for an amazing retreat. The services include a chalet host, private chef breakfast, afternoon tea, gourmet dinners, daily cleaning, wireless internet, and many others.

The interior is finished with light wood and gray stone and furniture. The red accents complete and spruce up the interior. The indoor pool features a lounge area while there is also an alfresco lounge.

Chalet Edelweiss

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet Edelweiss is a one spectacular vacation home. Featuring seven storys the 32,292 square foot estate easily doubles as a boutique hotel. The chalet is provided with a number of facilities such as spa with a pool, steam room, gym, therapy room and a private nightclub featuring a DJ booth, a bar and a dance floor.

The interior is finished with gray and brown woods furnished with traditional furniture. A big magnificent metal staircase provides access to other floors, which are provided with balcony spaces.

Chalet Trois Couronnes

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Located in Swiss Alps Chalet Trois Couronnes was completed in 2012 and consists of three separate buildings. Finished with antique furniture and enhanced with art pieces, wine cellar, sauna, pool, hot tub and many other luxury amenities the Chalet Trois Couronnes is truly an ultimate vacation home.

The interior is finished with modern materials like glass and traditional wood, of course. The ceilings feature wooden beams and amazing designs. The bedrooms feature big windows to allow the mountain views in.

Art Chalet

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

An Art Chalet in Courchevel 1850 is a seven floor retreat featuring all kinds of things including a waterfall swimming pool, a private nightclub, spa, cinema room, and many more.

The wooden-clad rooms feature various zones separated with a big fireplace. The kitchen, the living room, even the bathroom are finished with wood while the pool room features interesting wall decor.

Chalet Cyanella

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet Cyanella designed by the studio Bo Design is a beautiful home with a combination of modern and traditional styles. The wooden ceilings contrast with modern fireplaces and kitchen. The big metal-framed glass windows aren’t only providing with breathtaking views but also add a modern style touch while the wood-framed small window on the opposite emphasize the traditional style.

The amazing family home turns into an ultimate luxury retreat with a mini bar near the indoor pool. There is also a luxurious Ciclotte exercise bike that costs around $10700 to help guests keep with their workout.

Chalet Black Pearl

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Philippe Capezzone built both Chalet Black Pearl and Chalet White Pearl for ‘luxury and comfort’ of his guests in Courchevel 1850. The both chalets feature 3,330 square feet of space, three storys finished with Savoyard stone and wood.

The Chalet Black Pearl features dark accents in a light color scheme making for a nice contrast. The light wood and dark furnishings make for a great dynamic in the interior without one overpowering the other.

The Petit Chateau

Vacation Home Design: 10 Amazing Chalets

Chalet le Petit Chateau is located in Courchevel featuring 7 ensuite bedrooms, an indoor pool, steam room and a massage room. The luxury estate features lots of wooden finishes with a bit of stone accents.

The furnishings are neutral while the vaulted ceilings are made in dark wood to contrast the light brown woodwork in the rest of the design.

The chalet is no longer just a modest hut. It is a luxury vacation home most often than not rented from a luxury ski resort. The amenities equal to those of a five star hotel only with a more homey yet luxurious feel.

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